All about GFs - {Girl Friend vs Gold Flake}


1> Both are seductive.
2> Both are injurious to health.
3> Hard to manage publically.
4> For both you have to pay.
5> you will miss both in loneliness and night.
6> Both have s*x.
7> your parent can't see you with your GF.
8> Both Kills.
9> Both are very delicate so keep them safely.
10> It is hard to taste both after your marriage.
11> Both ignites When ever you ignite them.
12> You will never get satisfied with only one GF.
13> You will never want to loose any of them.

1> You can't share Girl Friend with your friends As you can share Gold Flake with your friends.

2> Gold Flake is easily available As Girl friend is not.

3> You can get Girl Friend with many flavors but Gold Flake comes with only one flavor.

4> Gold Flake is forever in your life, but Girl Friend can't.

5> Gold Flake is economical but Girl Friend is not economical.

6> Saturation comes only with Girl Friend Not with Gold Flake.

7> You can rotate Gold Flake with your fingers but Girl Friend will always rotate You on her fingers.

8> Gold Flake attack on your mind(memory loss) but Girl Friend attack on your heart(emotionally).

9> Gold Flake warns you before you get it but Girl Friend always warn you when you loose her.

10> Gold Flake comes only slim in size but Girl Friend can be of any size.

11> Gold Flake is banned in India but no such rules for Girl Friend.

12> U will always use Gold Flake but U will be always used by ur Girl Friend.

Disclaimer : All comparisons are fake nothing to do with real life just for entertainment point of view.

"F**k U Dhaba" @ JUIT

In the mid way of my college campus(JUIT) and waknaghat ...there is a "Chaye Paratha Dhaba". At least all Juitians are aware about it. In students it is famous as "f**k U Dhaba", but fewer one know how it get named so.

One of our respected Senior faculty used to buy cigarettes from there. More specific only "Navy cut brand". Now you all juitians might have guessed him.

So, whenever he used to buy it, he always greet the owner of the dhaba by saying "thank U". But Owner of dhaba was unable to understand the meaning of "thank u".

one day he asked some of our seniors that your faculty say me "thank U" whenever I give him packets of cigarette. As usual Students are "Born Harami ". They replied that he wish u for your care and loyalty so you should too wish him. so Always reply him "f**k U" whenever he wish you "thank U".

Next time when faculty bought packet and ...

faculty: thank U.
Dhaba's owner: F**k U (with a smile on face like feeling proud on his words).

Faculty was shocked on his behavior

Faculty: Do u know the meaning of it?
Dhaba's owner: No sir (politely), but I know I should reply you like this, so again "F**k U". Actually sir some of students tought me to reply you like this.

Now faculty was relaxed that he was really not f**ked up by owner......but it is another thing that he was really f**ked up by students.

After this incident that Dhaba got it's popularity as "F**k U " Dhaba in students.

But don't go on the name. It is cheap n best near by campus.So must visit it once...for tasty parathas, maggi, sandwich and tea/cold drinks.....and cigarette..."Navi cut brand". heyy...don't worry u are not going to be F**ked up again dhaba's owner know the meaning of "F**k U".

Branded Paratha now on local Dhabas

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Now a days Lalu prasad yadav is free from core politics so he has started a dhaba near our college...

Since it's new and high profile dhaba so visitors always have to wait to get their order...

one day I ordered and said to make it next minute I got my order..when I got the bill I found Rs. 150 more in bill...when I inquired about the bill....laluji said Your order was under "Tatkaal Quota". Rs 150 is added under this scheme.

Hats off for his management Skill.

All about Smoking & Smokers

If u are ready to view a discussion on weather smoking is good or bad...or on "pros n cons" of smoking then it's better to leave. Here, U are going to get some light moments n experiences of smoking and smokers.....and most important if u want share yours one... post it.

Piece of philosophy from a passionate smoker - "I always think of leaving cigarette but for thinking I need a cigarette."

Many times u may encountered the words like "yaar I want to quit smoking." But for those who are real ones it's not a Big deal. They say"It's so easy to quit, I have done it hundred times." mean while if u really want to quit follows unique tips -
  • Always carry wet matches.
  • Light cigarette from butt side..u will smell it bad and leave it.
  • Never say u are going to smoke always say U are going to attain lectures...u will try to avoid it.
( more tips to be added....if u got some u r welcome)

Huumm.. U sensed it right in pic..many start smoking bcoz they wanna to show they've grown up now. and after some years if they are regular on it...then really growned up like our senior citizens. I think all smokers should be given special rights and reservation like Seniors citizens ...after all U don't have any idea when they going to left us. so let them enjoy reservations.

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In a School science class 4 worms were placed into 4 separate jars.

The first worm was put into a jar of alcohol.
The second worm was put into a jar of cigarette smoke.
The third worm was put into a jar of sperm.
The fourth worm was put into a jar of soil.

After one day, these were the results:
The first worm in alcohol - dead.
The second worm in cigarette smoke - dead.
The third worm in sperm - dead.
The fourth worm in soil - alive.

So the science teacher asked the class "What can you learn from this experiment."

a boy quickly raised his hand and said. "As long as you drink, smoke and have sex, you won't have worms."

For D members of "FOSLA"(Frustrated one Sided Lover's Association)
Bewafaa Sanam Se To Cigarette Achhi Hai
Bewafaa Sanam Se To Cigarette Achhi Hai
Dil Jalaati Hai Par Hothoon Se To Lagati Hai

In their view cigarette is more trustier n co-operative than belover at least "Dono saath mein jalte hain." By d way cigarette have flavor of sex too.
Ques:What's d length of small gold flake?
Ans: It's 69 mm .

Images reveals more than words

Ya it's true A smoker will always find a place for it. No matters it's public toilet or railway comp.'s toilet.

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Facts of Life:
Fact 1 : A cigarette reduces man's life by 5 minutes.
Fact 2: Smiling increases man's life by 10 minutes.

Moral: A smiling smoker never dies!

I do smoking in real Life A lot. We're all smoking right now in fact.
-Michael Imperioli

Are we Really a part of independent INDIA?


Now we are enjoying another Independence day. Again flag hosting by our PM announcements and speech for developing India.....but have you think ever really are you a part of independent India. Many of us assume we attained our independence in 1947 ! Are we Really independent?

India is a vast country with rich heritage and culture, but It still learns from other countries instead of being a key player. We are depending on other countries for every purpose right from food requirements to defence.We have huge land under cultivation but we are unable to generate sufficient food supply. We have a huge number of engineers, doctors, scientists but still we are unable to create world class architectural works. All the weapons playing key role in our countries defence are mostly bought from other countries.

This country votes in idiots as administrators, this country has majority as incompetent govt officers, this country has stupid rulers either in government or parliament, who can not even plan or think straight and have a national perspective or agenda, and it's neither possible too coz every 5 yr. ruling party keeps on changing.

In this context mr. Sudhir Chadda(Special Correspondent of IndianDaily) Expressed that A country cannot be independent till it can freely express its opinion and act based on its national and strategic interests. Is Iraq an independent nation? Why not? Well you say their Government is hand picked exiled puppets of America. Well it is true! Then who is Manmohan Singh? Can he or Vajpayee ever really oppose Iraq war knowing very well that Saddam was India’s real friend! Well why are we negotiating with Pakistan knowing very well what Pakistanis are up to! Well you will say it is better to live in peace with neighbors! Well that is what Pandit Nehru and Natwar Singh said in early fifties about Pancha Seal with China! Did the Chinese give a damn about India in 1962?

If u feel india is independent because it have an independent Army, then why not we are in state to resolve the problems of Kashmir , LOc ..n many security issues related to it on it's own without enterfaring third parties like Usa, russia..Till now india is not a member of international security council with full VETO power.

If U proud to be on growing economy of india.....then keep in mind that outsourcing jobs may make India an economic superpower is bogus!India should make goods and services on her own and other countries should be eager to buy that! Agriculture is assumed to be the back bone of indian economy. but really we are serious about it. If some states are doing well in this it enough. Till now we don't have any proper solution for Koshi river (said as Sorrow of bihar). Every year we loose cash crops n life too.

I am not digging out deep with the problems of corruption, unemployment, shameless politicians , terrorism, internal disputes but think once on it before saying that U are independent.

Lastly i would like to say whether India is independent or not depends upon how you define independence and freedom! Instead of these miserable conditions of india If u really going to enjoy independence day....i must wish you Happy independence day.